Ant Nest Removal

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Ant Nest Removal And Pest Control Has Been Dealing With Ants Nests In The North West Of England For Nearly 20 Years. We Have A Wealth Of Experience With Regards To The Ant Life Cycle, Ant Behaviour And The Problems Created By An Ants Nest. Ants Nests Can Be Quite Difficult  To Destroy. They are Best Left For A Professional To Deal With.

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Ants Nest Removal:

How Do We Kill An Ants Nest

How do we kill an ants nest? We use a gel which attracts the ants, who then carry the gel back to the nest.  The gel is fed to the queen and other ants thereby killing the entire colony. The gel continues killing for up to one month and can be used in sensitive areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. We use child-resistant ant traps to put the gel in. It is important that if you see ants taking the gel back to the nest you leave them alone. For this reason, it is not possible nor advisable to spray for ants before the treatment commences. This treatment is not suitable for flying ants. For flying ants, we can put a spray treatment down but this will not kill the nest.

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Ants Nest Removal:

About Us

My name is Paul and together with my wife Karen, we run Your Pest Control. You can be assured that when you call any of our pest control numbers you will be talking to one of the owners, not somebody working in a call centre. To put it another way, you the customer are our main concern, not shareholders or directors. Consequently, we can offer a great customer service.

I am personally CRB/DBS checked. This means you can have complete confidence in my integrity and honesty when I attend your premises. If you are elderly, vulnerable or a woman living on her own you can rest assured I am the person you are looking for to deal with your wasp nest problem. Furthermore, I am committed to giving you a top quality wasp nest removal service at an affordable price.

In addition, We fully guarantee all our work and carry the work out in a professional and timely manner. We also carry bee suits so we can carefully approach the nest and safely deal with it.

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Ants Nest Removal:

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of ant nest removal is £125.00, we guarantee to kill the nest as long as you follow our instructions. That’s it you will not pay more, even at the weekend or later at night. We guarantee to beat the price of your local council. Some of the bigger company’s charge over £200.00 for doing essentially the same work. Some charge less than us but not by much. We also have a water-based spray treatment at a cost of  £65.00 for flying ants, this treatment does not kill the nest.

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Ant Nest Removal: The Beginning

When you see ants swarming or flying ants, what you are seeing are ants preparing to mate. Ant queens and drones (males) fly up into the atmosphere where they will mate. If they are in your house open a window to allow them to do this. When they have mated the drones will die, the queen will fly back down to earth where she discards her wings. She now finds a suitable place to start another ants nest.

Ant Nest Removal: The First Workers Hatch

When a suitable home is found she constructs a small nest and lays a few dozen eggs. She tends and nurtures the eggs which hatch into larvae. The next stage is where the larva metamorphosis and become the adult ant of which we are so familiar. These new ants now take over the duties of nest building and foraging for food whilst the queens only duty now is to lay eggs. The nest starts to grow and will contain many thousands of ants at its height.

Ant Nest Removal: What Do Ants Eat?

Ants are very much omnivorous which means the can eat plants and meat. When a worker goes out foraging they lay a pheromone trail on the ground. When a food source is found they follow this trail back to the nest laying another trail as they go (leaving a double trail). Once this ant has returned to the nest other ants detect the double pheromone trail and know that a fellow worker has returned with food. They then follow the double trail to the food source to collect food. As more and more ants follow the trail the pheromone trail gets stronger encouraging other foraging ants to follow.

Ant Nest Removal: Danger

At the time of writing, there are no ants in the UK which pose a significant danger to human health. Ants have never been known to cause food poisoning or carry germs, although we know they walk on surfaces which are unclean. They are more of a pest because of their foraging activity in our homes.

Ant Nest Removal: The End

An ant nest can grow and live for many years perhaps up to 25 years. If a queen ant dies another queen is produced to keep the colony thriving. If the nest is in your house you really need to get to the nest and destroy, that is why with our treatment we get the ants to take the poison right into the heart of the nest.

Ant Nest Removal: Emergency

We also offer an EMERGENCY CALL OUT SERVICE at a cost of 150 pounds. Although this may seem expensive you should only use this service if you really need it ie: Ants are swarming and are infesting the room. This service requires needs paying for in advance and you must phone 07941 895 288 to book the treatment. We will make your problem a high priority and will endeavour to get to your premises within one hour.