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Leyland Pest Control

Pest Control, Wasp Nest Removal, Flea Treatment, Rodent Control, Squirrels and Moles Eliminated , Near Me

Leyland Pest Control From £50.00
32, Longmeadow
Lancashire PR7 2YA
Mon-Fri 8am - 8pm
Phone: 0800 772 3363

Leyland Pest Control

About Us

Leyland Pest Control Have Been Dealing With All Kinds Of Pests In The Chorley Area For Nearly 20 Years. Based in Chorley, We Deal With Wasps, Bees, Ants, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Squirrels, Moles, And Many Other Pest Animals.
My Name Is Paul And Together With My Wife Karen We Run Your Pest Control. Father And Son, John And Dean Sherburne Also Work Alongside Us. Last Year John Joined Us, This Year 2022 Dean Will Be Joining Us.
We Are All CRB Checked So You Can Be Confident In Our Integrity When We Attend Your Premises.

Leyland Pest Control - Cat And Dog Fleas


How To Identify Flea Problems In Your Home.

1.) Is your cat or dog scratching heavily or trying to bite into its fur?
2.) Can you see fleas crawling in your pet's fur?
3.) Are you and your family being bitten, especially in the lower leg area?
4.) Can you see fleas on your clothing and lower legs?
Any of the above symptoms are a sure sign of a flea infestation.
You can attempt a DIY solution to remove the fleas yourself, and if it is a light infestation you can be quite successful. Make sure you get your flea treatment from a reputable source, i.e., a vet or a supermarket. Some flea treatments bought online can be nothing more than water.
Leyland Pest Control have been eradicating fleas in the Leyland area for over 20 years. If you have a heavy infestation of fleas, we can help.
We can put down a layer of very effective, water-based professional insecticide across your floor space, creating a barrier the fleas cannot breach without going to "flea heaven".
If you decide to employ our services, we need you to help, by following these few rules.
We need as much floor space as possible, so we need you to lift your belongings and furnishings off the floor, within reason.
We need you to hoover and clean the floor thoroughly.
You will need to de-flea your pet in conjunction with our flea treatment.
Your pet's bedding will need to be boil washed, or better still thrown away.
We will have to vacate the premises while we carry out the treatment.
When you return, you will need to leave the treatment on the floor for as long as possible.
If you need to hoover or clean the floor, leave a border, six inches from the skirting boards.
By following these rules, between us, we can swiftly eradicate a heavy flea infestation.