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Wasp Removal Video

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Wasp Nest Video: Hatching

Here we have a video of a wasp emerging from its cell On the left is a newly hatched wasp. You can also see a wasp grub waiting to be fed. Wasp eggs are clearly visible at the bottom of the wasp cells.

Wasp Nest Video: Predation

Most people dont think wasps have predators. They have 2. A badger will dig out and eat the grubs from a wasp nest in the ground. Also the Great pied Hoverfly lays its eggs in a wasp nest where their grubs will eat the grubs in the wasp nest. Harvestmen and other wasps will predate single wasps.

Wasp Nest Video: Insulation

Can wasps damage your property? Yes they can. We have here a video of wasps removing insulation from a property, so they have more space to build the nest. Wasps will also remove insulation from electrical cable if the nest is built around the cable.

Wasp Nest Video: Slates

A video of a very busy wasp nest. Wasps are coming and going in numbers. Wasps are as industrious as bees. If you was to disturb the nest without adequate protection you are going to get badly stung.

Wasp Nest Video: Cannibalism

Are wasps cannabils?. Wasps are known to take grubs from the nest and abandon them. Here we have a video of a wasp picking up a dead wasp and carrying it back to the nest, presumably for food. Have a look at the final frames, you can see the wasps head left behind on the ground.

Wasp Nest Video: Feeding

We often get calls for wasps nests which turn out to be wasps feeding on a bush To help you understand the difference we have made a video showing what to look for.

Wasp Nest Video: Hornets

We often get calls for a Hornets nest. The truth is we rarely get Hornets this far north. This video was taken in Knutsford which is about as far north as they go. You can clearly see the beauty of this insect.

Wasp Nest Video: Television

During the summer of 2016 channel 4 contacted me and asked me to treat a wasp nest in the ground. The channel 4 TV programme was “Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb”.